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Principal of Tilbrook's Solicitors - Robin Tilbrook

Tilbrook's Solicitors offers legal assistance at an unbeatable price throughout Essex. Although our solicitors specialise in civil litigation, we are well versed in all aspects of the law.

Employment Law

With more than 25 years of experience, we represent both employers and employees who require legal protection in

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Mr Robin Tilbrook

Tenancy and Boundary Law

Our solicitors take care of both landlords and tenants. We offer services for landlords in the event that tenants refuse to pay rent, or fail to leave properties following eviction. Our boundary law experts are on hand to offer the best support if you are arguing with a neighbour over rights to private land.

Tenants are also protected with the help of our highly experienced solicitors. If you are a tenant, you may require our services for one of the following reasons:

  • Landlord Refusing to Repair Property
  • Cases of Unjust Evictions
  • Accusations of Property Damage
  • Landlord Withholding Deposit Unfairly
  • Property is Unfit for Habitation
  • Deposit Recovery Cases for Tenants

Commercial Law

Our solicitors provide legal representation when a business dispute occurs between shareholders. We have the skills on hand to achieve an outcome that is in your favour, so your business can get back on its feet in no time at all.

Bankruptcy Issues

Avoid declaring bankruptcy following a statutory demand and take advantage of our legal services. We act for both individuals and creditors on these cases. If the co-owner of your property has declared bankruptcy, our solicitors offer protection so your assets are not affected.

Debt Collection

Tilbrook's Solicitors knows the exact steps to take to secure the property and money to which you are entitled. If other people owe a debt or money, we approach them directly with a debt collection letter.

We are degree-qualified experts and members of The Law Society, so you can rest assured that we keep up-to-date with current legislation and policies. Our professionals cover legal aid for the following:

  • Personal Injury Claims
  • Employment Issues
  • Debt Collection Claims
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Negligence Claims
  • Consumer Claims
  • Probate Issues
  • Bankruptcy Claims

Competitive Rates

Take advantage of our free consultation service, offered over the phone. Our experts provide advice about the best course of action for your case. Unlike other legal firms, we do not charge travel expenses for any follow-up meetings and adhere to the reasonable rates recommended by the court system. Save a considerable amount of money with us today.

Contact us in Ongar, Essex, for more information about civil litigation and other legal services.